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2013 - 2014

Materials:  Silver 925/ 17th Century Cement/ Carnelian

Photographs: Marissa Racht Ryan/ Kathleen Browne

Reading and rereading Italo Calvino’s book “Invisible Cities” has further increased the awareness of what I am doing.  Our “world” is what we envision for ourselves, and the experiences we accumulate in our lives enable us to recount versions of our perceived reality.  In “Invisible Cities” Marco Polo’s descriptions to Kubla Khan of the far reaches of his empire might actually be descriptions of different towns throughout Italy, or perhaps even many varied descriptions of the city of Venice alone. 



In Italian the word “storia” is used interchangeably for “story” and “history”.  My work examines my vision of exploration, my love of the past, and how the daydreams I have are expressed.  My awareness accumulates over time, influencing and affecting how I visually tell my story, my history.

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